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Seasons Greetings Parents & Carers of East Fremantle Primary,


“T’is the season to be jolly” and it certainly feels that way here on the hill. Christmas cards are being swapped, temperatures are beginning to soar, treasured art works are arriving home by the bagful, and the level of excitement at the imminent end of term  is palpable (and that’s just the staff…) So here we are at the final newsletter of 2018, and what a year it’s been. Too many activities, events, milestones and memories to fit in to one e-mail, so I shall wrap it up briefly in the best Christmas carolling tradition:


The 12 Days of EFPS – 2018 edit; with apologies to Frederick Austin

(To be sung aloud to the Twelve Days of Christmas, unless you’re on public transport and then, perhaps not so loud)


“On the final day of school-term, this year has brought to me

12 Superb Assemblies

11 Amazing EA’s

10 Quiz Night Conundrums

9   Head lice Outbreaks

8   Crow looted lunches

7   Emergency Icepacks

6   Kitchen Garden feasts

5   For-got-ten Noooootes!

4   Jam packed Terms

3   Overworked Office-staff J

2   Dynamic Deputies


And (thankfully just 1) Principal up a gum tree…”


On the subject of Seasonal traditions, if you haven’t yet settled on a New Year’s Resolution for 2019, “Read the Newsletter” would be both a productive and completely achievable one. Just a thought.

Finally, I have been very glad to be part of this school and it’s staff, and involved with its parent body and children throughout 2018.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your families and trust you will enjoy the holiday break.

Warm Regards,


Rachel Wieser


School Officer

East Fremantle Primary School

8 Forrest Street

Fremantle WA 6160

Ph: 9335 6136

Fax:  9430 5186


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