Sunrise Juice


Scrambled Egg with Bacon


Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce


Potato Drop Scones


Chocolate and Zucchini Muffins


Slimy Sludge


Spooky Spinach Dip


Crostini with caramelised leeks and cheese




Lebanese Crisps


Rhubarb and Berry


Crostini with peas and beans


Roasted Pumpkin Hummus


Warm German Potato Salad


Spinach and Cheese parcels


Chocolate and beetroot cupcakes


Kaleslaw with Apple and Cranberry




Lemon slice


Fennel and Orange Salad


Patatas Bravas




Chilli Con Carne


Green Pea Soup


Wormy Spaghetti


 A Plate of Soil with Engine Oil


Soup Swizzle Sticks


Broccoli & Salad


Garlic Bread- large batch


Kohlrabi and Apple Slaw


Orange and Fennel Salad


Roasted Root Vegetable Salad


Mini Spinach and Cheese Quiche


Broken pumpkin lasagne


Sweet potato burgers


Basic Bread Rolls


Apple and Rhubarb Crumble