On enrolment, details of your child’s immunisation record (AIR History Statement) and a completed student Health Care Summary (HCS) form is recorded for each child. This provides an overview of your child’s health care needs and information for use in a case of communicable disease and/or a medical emergency while at school.

For more specific health care needs, one or more forms must be completed, signed and returned if the HCS indicates your child requires medical support or supplies whilst at school. More serious conditions eg: anaphylaxis, require the students Health Care Plan to be signed and reviewed annually by a medical professional.

Please advise the school immediately if an existing plan needs to be changed or a new plan needs to be developed.

Short term medication can be administered during school hours upon completion of a Form 3 (available at the office) for Temporary Administration of Medication.

All student medication is to be to be signed in and stored in the Student Medical room.