Message from the Principal

East Fremantle Primary School provides a unique and wonderful education to children in Kindergarten to Year 6.

Step inside our school and you will find a stimulating, innovative and safe learning environment for your child – one that nurtures high standards of achievement, self-awareness, compassion and understanding.

Our school motto – Go Forward – reflects our vision of a school that provides our students with the opportunity to be confident and adaptive citizens at school and in the wider community, fulfilling their potential and doing their best.
Success at East Fremantle is measured in the growth of each child as a whole and our students make us proud in what they achieve and the way in which they do it. Our school values provide a foundation for building social responsibility and a sense of belonging through collaboration between student, family, school and the wider community. The ethos of our school is embedded in our values of Caring, Respect, Fairness, Understanding and Empathy.

Our school is a hive of activity before, during and after school. We aim to foster excellence in your child’s learning, continually celebrating their achievements and talents. We have a range of resources, programs and supports to make sure your child reaches their potential.

Our focus is on developing your child’s literacy and numeracy skills, and science and history knowledge. We also run specialist programs in visual arts, performing arts, music the Italian language and physical education. Throughout your child’s learning they will be encouraged to develop their higher order thinking skills, creativity, leadership skills, problem solving skills and communication skills to prepare them for further learning.

We take pride in our teachers and support staff. They are dedicated, experienced, caring and innovative, and they will continually deliver a high quality, stimulating and challenging learning environment for your child. We continue to build the expertise of our teachers through continual training, professional development and support.

Our school, our students, our parents and the local community are all closely linked. Our emphasis on a culture of inclusion, and respect for diversity, starts at home with you and is fostered and developed at school.

The school is supported by strong staff and parent involvement through the Board (who have a wealth of professional experience and a range of skills) and the Parent and Citizens Association. Our community is very proud of our school.

We have an art and music room, a purpose-built kitchen to cater for our Kitchen Garden program and a stage area for assemblies.

We encourage you to contact us and find out how East Fremantle Primary School can benefit your child.

Jenni Chittick 



Ngalak ana windang, yeyi wer boordakan birdiya Whadjak Noongar moort ngiyaanga boodja ngalak nyin.
We acknowledge the past, present and future elders of the Whadjak people of the Noongar Nation on whose country we sit.
Ngalak yira ngalang maar kadak Whadjak moort wer waangkaniny kaya ngaangk wer worl.
We raise our hands with the Whadjak people and say hello to the sun and sky
Ngalak maradanginy boodja ngarda ngalang djena kadak Whadjak moort ngalak barn Nidja boodja dandjoo naral-naral.
We feel the ground under out feet with the Whadjak people as we walk this country together side by side.
Ngalak baliny ngalang koort were maradanginy djin-djin Whadjak moort ngalak yanginy Nidja boodja dandjoo.
We touch our hearts and feel the good spirit of the Whadjak people as we share this land together.