Welcome to East Fremantle Primary School

The school was established in 1898, is located 2 kms east of the Fremantle CBD and caters for 430 students aged 4-12 years.

The school prides itself on its sense of community – more akin to the atmosphere of a country school than a city school with very high parent involvement in a wide range of capacities. Parents have consistently perceived teaching staff as professional, committed, enthusiastic and approachable and the school as one which encourages a sense of pride in achievement and a sense of self-worth.

The vocational background of the school community is mainly professional or small-business operator with a considerable number of parents working in the arts and associated areas. This creates a strong expectation of and support for, a focus on catering for the performing and visual arts which the school does through its music, visual arts and dance programs.

While the school caters for all students’ needs, there is also a school-wide focus on successfully catering for the considerable number of talented and gifted students – as evidenced by the number of students gaining places in Secondary school Gifted and Talented programs.