Health and Physical Education

Physical Education at East Fremantle Primary School begins with the development of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). These movement skills are movement patterns that involve different body parts and include such skills as running, hopping, catching, throwing, striking and balancing. They are the building blocks for most skills used in sports and movement activities. For example, throwing in softball and cricket, the baseball pitch, javelin throw, tennis serve and netball shoulder pass are all advanced forms of the overhand throw.

Development of FMS in the early primary school years (K–2) is critical as children who are proficient in most FMS

* Are able to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities throughout their lifetime

* Often have higher self-esteem, confidence and social skills

* Are more likely to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle as adults

Junior students of East Fremantle Primary are given the opportunity to learn a range of essential motor skills during their 2 x 60 minute Physical Education lessons. Skills are learnt and developed through varied learning experiences such as individual and partner practice, station teaching and modified games. Although mastery of fundamental movement skills can be difficult for some students it is crucial that all students be afforded opportunities to practice and refine learnt skills at home as well as school. Being proficient in fundamental movement skills enables children to participate confidently in play, dance, games, sport, outdoor education and recreational activities at home, at school and in the community.

The fundamental movements skills learnt in the lower primary years are often displayed by children in cooperative games and structured competition when students reach upper primary and compete in Intra and Inter school sporting competitions. Upper Primary Students have a 45 minute Physical Education class every week. This provides opportunity to introduce new sports and skills to the students and allow the time to develop these skills and learn about rules, procedures and strategies of each different sport. Furthermore they are provided a 75 min session to utilise the skills they have learnt and developed in organised sporting competitions. Students are given the opportunity to compete in competitions such as Softball, AFL, Netball, Touch Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Athletics, Cricket and Basketball. East Fremantle Primary Students also enjoy other experiences such a Yoga, Tennis, Dance, Fencing and Bike Education. These different experiences allow different students to demonstrate their skill level or develop a love of a particular sport or physical activity.

One of East Fremantle Primary School’s strengths is its integration and collaboration with the wider community. The school has a strong relationship with the local high school John Curtin College with Year 3 and 4 students taught soccer skills by the Year 12 Physical Educational students during the year. Parent involvement is an integral part of sport at East Fremantle Primary, assisting teachers to coach, umpire and score Intra and Interschool sporting competitions. Our strong relationship with Notre Dame University and local secondary colleges provides opportunity for practicum students to be mentored throughout the year.

Ultimately, at East Fremantle Primary School, we aim to develop students’ fundamental movement skills to give them the confidence to participate in a range of sport and physical activities. This creates an opportunity for ongoing participation across their lifespan, providing them access to the many positive physical, social and mental health outcomes associated with regular physical activity and involvement in community sport.