School Board

East Fremantle School Board

School boards are unique in the way they operate and the boundaries within which they achieve their role.  No two school boards function identically so it is important to understand the role of our Board.

In addition to the governance matters required of it, which are clearly detailed by the Department of Education, the East Fremantle Primary School Board has agreed a remit that reflects the uniqueness of our school and its current position.

Our school is expertly managed, well-resourced and provides a beautiful, caring and supportive environment in which students can learn and grow. The Board sees its key remit as assisting in and ensuring that the school continues to deliver its mandate in this way, transparently and effectively.

To do this requires a respect for the effective way the school is managed, and an understanding that the board’s activities are driven and bound by the objectives and needs of the school, as determined by the principal and executive team.  Acknowledging this as the basis for is role, the board carries out its remit by:

  • actively holding the school to account to the Business Plan, priorities and agreed objectives
  • assisting the principal and staff as required with special projects
  • providing a sounding board, as and when needed, for the principal and staff
  • where appropriate, acting as an avenue of communication between the school and the local community.

Led by our school, with the support of our community, we go forward.

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Our Board Members
The East Fremantle Primary School Board is made up of a combination of teachers and parents of the school. Parent representatives include:


Tim Sawyer (Chair)
Tim, parent to Lucy and Hannah, has a background in science having studied oceanography. He developed a passion for offshore renewable energy over the last 20 years and is now Managing Director of Flotation Energy Australia and Director of Flotation Energy Plc. He is passionate about helping the school wherever he can, for the benefit of the kids, parents, staff and local community. In Tim’s words ‘I admire all that the school does and hope to add my experiences where I can’.


Ciaran Gibson
Ciaran, parent to Beau and Ava, has a background in ecology and Environmental Impact Assessment. In her current role, she is also involved in the implementation of her workplace’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), including overseeing a STEM training program. Ciaran is an active member of our school community, supporting the School’s RAP working group and often volunteering time to support P&C events. Ciaran is committed to providing the best outcomes for our children and the school community.


James Ireland
James, parent to Archer, Ava and Thomas, is a former corporate lawyer and now partner of an infrastructure investment and asset management firm. After 16 years overseas, James recognises the importance of promoting the interests of, and serving, diverse stakeholders and is grateful for the opportunity to support Principal Chittick and her team in delivering the comprehensive academic and pastoral education that East Fremantle Primary School is known for.  In addition to a law degree, James holds an MBA and is a member of the AICD.


Nancy Clarke
Nancy has over 20 years’ experience of management & HR consulting in professional services with the last decade also focusing on quality assurance in the industrial sector.  Nancy has been an EFPS board member for six years, contributing to the establishment of sound governance practice and has a strong focus on relationships, communication and community engagement.  She is passionate about acknowledging, promoting and supporting the incredible work our school does. Nancy has only Benedict left at the school as the two eldest, Milly and Ella now attend high school.


Kate Moore
I am mother to Giacomo and Peter.  As a parent and Fremantle based architect it is a privilege to be part of the EFPS school community. Professionally, I have been involved in several education based projects WA’s built environment as well as the implementation of our workplace Reconciliation Action Plan. I strongly believe that the pursuit of diversity, sustainability and quality underpin good decisions and seek to apply these principles in my contribution to you as a board member.


Serife King
Serife, parent to Samantha, is a Chartered Accountant and has an MBA qualification. Her strengths and experience are in governance, financial, commercial and risk management. Serife is committed to supporting the school to ensure all children receive a quality education and the best opportunity to achieve their potential. Serife sits on the management committee for the Turkish Australian Culture House which is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation which aims to foster community awareness and interests in cultural, educational, sporting and social matters of the Turkish people and similar origin.