School Board

School boards are unique in the way they operate and the boundaries within which they achieve their role.  No two school boards function identically so it is important to understand how our board interprets its role.

In addition to the governance matters required of it and clearly detailed by the Department of Education, the East Fremantle Primary School Board has agreed a remit that reflects the uniqueness of our school and its current position.

Recognising that our school is expertly managed, well-resourced and provides a beautiful, caring and supportive environment in which students can learn and grow, the Board sees its key remit as assisting in and ensuring that the school continues to deliver its mandate in this way, transparently and effectively.

To do this requires a respect for the effective way the school is managed and an understanding that the board’s activities are driven and bound by the objectives/needs of the school as determined by the Principal and executive team.  Acknowledging this as the basis for is role, the board carries out its remit by:

  • actively holding the school to account to the Business Plan and agreed objectives
  • assisting the Principal and staff as required/requested with special projects
  • providing a sounding board, as and when needed, for the Principal and staff
  • where appropriate, acting as an avenue of communication between the school

Led by our school, with the support of our community, we go forward.