New Website address https://efpspc.com/

Contact us at efpspc@gmail.com

For uniform shop queries email efpsuniforms@gmail.com

We always welcome new members – meetings are held in weeks 3 & 7 in the school library at 7.30pm.

If you would like to support the P&C but aren’t able to come along to meetings, keep an eye on

  • school newsletter
  • emails from your class representative
  • P&C noticeboards
  • EFPS Community News Facebook page

The P&C serves the school and the school community by

  • Providing funds to secure unfunded resources as requested by the school
  • Funding the kitchen garden program
  • Providing the uniform shop
  • Funding for graduation and assembly awards
  • Arranging community events
  • Coordinating and supporting the class representatives
  • Providing a connection to the school and to the school board
  • Providing a forum for the school community to discuss issues and ideas

Regular fundraising events include

  • Quiz Night
  • Artex (an art exhibition with work available for purchase from local artists as well as students)
  • Fetes
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Merchandise sales

In the past, in addition to the Kitchen Garden, P&C has funded

  • Electronic whiteboards
  • Musical instruments
  • Playground equipment

For more info see https://efpspc.com/ or get in contact efpspc@gmail.com